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TTX is our teletext and subtitle product available either as a stand-alone system or as part of our DiSA Channel-in-Box automation.

Why consider TTX now?

TTX Carousel

TTX carousel from various teletext formats

Implementation in SDI and DVB

Insert video text data into SDI and DVB video sources

Your video text software

Use popular video text software to create video text files

Free layout templates

Use free layout templates for video text pages and insert data from XML files, RSS feeds, or databases

Various subtitle formats

STL, WebVTT, SRT, EBU-TT, etc.

Multiple Delivery

Simultaneous delivery to multiple destinations

TTX - Teletext and Subtitle

Although the technological beginnings of teletext date back more than 30 years, the system is still relevant today, as it is provided by most TV stations and used daily by many viewers.

Teletext is usually used for the transmission of additional information (e.g. for TV programme overviews, news, sports results, advertising or subtitles) and thus offers viewers added value.

Our teletext solution is available in two versions, either as a separate “standalone” system or as a module integrated in ourDiSA broadcast automation solution. Both variants offer TV broadcasters and service providers the possibility of automatically processing teletext data and inserting it into a video signal. The system also supports teletext subtitles.

Teletext and Subtitle

TTX can create a teletext carousel from various teletext file formats and insert this data into an HD-SDI or DVB (MPEG-TS) video signal.

The required teletext files (e.g. in TTP format) can be created with common software (e.g. FAB Teletext Editor). These can then be stored in a network watchfolder monitored by TTX and automatically imported into TTX using layout templates.

Changes to the data automatically lead to an update of the teletext carousel. The software is connected to the database containing the rundown and automatically updates the corresponding teletext pages, including a detailed program description (e.g. teletext page 300, 333, etc.). In addition, XML and RSS data can be imported, which e.g. makes it possible to automatically integrate current news or weather information into teletext pages.

TTX can process both file-based and live subtitles. Supported subtitle file formats include STL, SRT and WebVTT. Live subtitles are processed using the standard protocol Newfor.

About the workflow

SDI and DVB Teletext/Subtitle
SDI and DVB Teletext/Subtitle

Supports OP47 and SMPTE2031
Supports OP47 and SMPTE2031

5 level page prioritization
5 level page prioritization

Integrated hardware relay
Integrated hardware relay

Live subtitling via EBU-TT-D
Live subtitling via EBU-TT-D

Real-time page update
Real-time page update

Teletext page generator for XML

TTX is in use here

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