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  • Teletext | TTX
    Teletext | TTX

    Solution for broadcasting teletext

TTX - Teletext Inserter

ttx hardware

The HMS Teletext Inserter (TTX) is a solution for broadcasting Teletext that generates a carrousel from various Teletext file formats and inserts it into a video stream. It supports SDI and CVBS video signals and inserts the Teletext data directly into a DVB compliant MPEG transport stream.

New features and supported standards
The latest TTX Inserter is also capable of inserting Teletext into HD-SDI signals. It supports both SMPTE 2031 and OP-47. The video signal must be 1080i with 10 bit color depth according to ITU-R BT.1120. The transmitted content corresponds exactly with the DVB Teletext (ETSI EN 300 472), hence downstream encoders can use the data as is. Like for DVB Teletext you can select the 32 "virtual" VBI lines to be transmitted and can this way control the Teletext data rate. The VANC lines of the HD-SDI signal to be used for the transmission are also selectable. If you use SMPTE 2031 Teletext you only need one HD line. For OP-47 you may need up to 5 HD lines depending on the data rate.

Efficient content updates
TTX is very easy to handle. Using common Teletext editing software you just drop the Teletext files on a specified network folder. TTX immediately recognizes changes in this folder and updates the Teletext carrousel.

With the HMS Teletext File Creator, you don't even need to edit your Teletext pages manually. The File Creator is connected to your scheduling database and always keeps your program schedule pages up to date, including detailed program description. It can also read XML files and RSS feeds and hence includes the latest news, weather and flight plan information in your Teletext.

TTX - Key Features

  • SD-Interfaces
    SD-SDI | IP | ASI | CVBS
  • HD-Interfaces
    HD-SDI | IP | ASI
  • Fully automated Teletext carrousel update
  • Unlimited number of pages and subpages
  • High priority pages for shorter access time
  • Roll time of subpage assignable individually
  • Free design layout templates
  • Subtitle pages
  • Date and time insertion with individually assignable colors in headline
  • Selectable VBI lines
  • WSS (Wide screen signalling) signals includable (DVB only)
  • VPS (Video Programming System) signals includable (SD-SDI, DVB only)
  • Data from XML files | database

TTX - Workflow example


Technical specifications

Video formats CVBS


Video formats DVB


Video formats SDI

HD-SDI 1080i 10 bit according to ITU-R BT.1120-7

Video Input/Output

SDI | CVBS | DVB compliant MPEG-TS

Hardware DVB version: software based
SDI version: 1 RU server
CVBS version: 5 1/4 case or 1 RU case attached to workstation via USB

Software Teletext Inserter
Teletext Page Creator
Teletext Editor