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  • Smart TV | Web TV
    Smart TV | Web TV

    Content for web platforms, app portals, social networks

Turnkey Concept

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Besides standard linear distribution paths, nowadays reception and demand of alternate distribution paths like Online Interactive Media, On-Demand streaming, Over-the-Top content and Web TV have increased rapidly. This allows the content distributor to be received anywhere and by any communication device. HbbTV®, Smart TV and Internet TV are essential for a distribution across all age groups. This distribution must be accomplished simple, automated and particularly economic.

We have undertaken that task and open the door to the hybrid world with our turnkey concept

Smart TV


No matter if Philips, Samsung, Panasonic or others. The availability of content for end customers is the main objective. In contrast to HbbTV®, the content is retrieved by device-specific app platforms.

We accompany your Smart TV appearance and process the content accordingly. In cooperation with leading platform/app providers we can automatically upload your content including metadata without any necessary manual interaction.


Smart TV | Web TV - Key Features

  • Automated platform adapted file transcoding
  • Transcoder profile management
  • Individual profile adapted channel branding
  • Cut list processing
  • Integrated upload process (multiplatform delivery)
  • Automated and platform specific metadata export
  • HbbTV® URL (static or show-based)
  • HbbTV® signaling in the MPEG-TS

HbbTV® Entrance

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All DiSA playout servers with DVB interface provide the option to signalize internet only services in the digital Transport Stream (MPEG-TS). These can be retrieved and displayed by Connected TVs or set-top boxes. The transmission of applications, application data (images, text, HTML code) over DSMCC object Carrousel is planned.

DiSA currently supports two modes of operation. The first mode is permanently transmitting one static URL. The second
mode is transmitting different URLs based on data stored in the DiSA MAM according to the current show in the rundown. In both cases the Red Button appears in the Connected TV resp. Set-Top box as an entrance into the online world.

The HbbTV® service is also available as an HMS Managed Service product.



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With the Direct-2-IP interface the DiSA playout server turns to a streaming engine. This way, the signal can be provided one to one to Web-TV platforms and IPTV service providers. The data stream (H.264 | AAC) that is created by the integrated encoder can be used for Flash applications, as multicast with IGMP v3 (e.g. for T-Entertain), HTTP live streaming (e.g. for Apple TV, Roku, iPhone or iPad) or RTSP (e.g. for Android). The Direct-to-DVB interface can generate multiple resolutions and bitrates in parallel.

DiSA Web TV and IPTV services are also available as an HMS Managed Service product.



On-Demand Media


The DiSA Broadcast Suite provides unique opportunities for convenient and automatic placement of your content to nonlinear platforms like YouTube or social networks. With the DiSA Transcoder the desired content is automatically converted to the destination format. Multiple program elements can be concatenated to one file and you can add channel branding. The transcoded files are uploaded to the platform fully automated. Metadata with descriptions can be exported platform specific from our Media Asset Management.

DiSA On-Demand Media Access is also available as an HMS Managed Service product.