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    Multichannel Newsroom Production Playout

CLIPBOX - Powerful and intuitive

clipBox screens

CLIPBOX is our new powerful and intuitive multichannel production playout for professional studio environments.

It works for both HD and UHD, supporting XAVC as well as ProRes or XDCAM HD. CLIPBOX enables you to create rundowns via drag and drop or by using our XML-based import interface. The system can control up to 16 channels concurrently and has a sophisticated redundancy concept. It allows you to record and trim files, supports edit while capture mode and writes logging files for every played clip.

CLIPBOX also supports AMP (Advanced Media Protocol), in order to be controlled by various external applications or devices.


CLIPBOX - Key Features

  • Support of HD and UHD contents (incl. XAVC, ProRes and XDCAM HD)
  • Customizable user interface
  • Full text search and individual search filters
  • Easy playlist (rundown) creation via drag and drop
  • Creation of placeholders for files that are not physically available yet
  • Grouping of files within sets
  • AMP support (Advanced Media Protocol), that enables the system to be controlled by external applications and devices
  • Support for up to 16 concurrent channels incl. redundancy
  • Playback options like Autofollow, Cue black, Cue last, Loop, etc.
  • Frame-accurate preview of files
  • Recording and trimming of files incl. edit-while-capture mode
  • Writing of Logfiles for every played clip