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  • Media Recording | Infinity
    Media Recording | Infinity

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The Infinity recording modules have been designed for simultaneous recordings of multiple audio and video channels on a single machine. Variable bit rates between 3 to 15 Mbps for video and 64 to 384 kbps for audio provide for a performance ranging from broadcast quality down to sufficient monitoring quality.

You can set variable bit rates for each analog channel and have equal copies of digital sources. By connecting the module with the central database management system (DBMS) the system can be easily extended by additional recording.

Each channel can be recorded in low and high resolutions with individual bit rates. For long-time recordings, an integrated circular buffer controls the media management based on the capacity of the storage. Infinity recording modules can even control analog or digital tuners.

Infinity | Recording - Key Features

  • Continuous recording of any length within a circular buffer
  • Time-controlled automated recording
  • Parameters (format, bit rate, recording time et al.) adjustable per channel
  • Concurrent LowRes and HighRes recording
  • Printing date and time as overlay in video

Technical specifications

Video standards SD (PAL/NTSC) and HD (720p, 1080i, 1080p)
Video inputs CVBS | YCbCr | SD/HD-SDI | DVB-C/ -S/ -T | DVB-compliant MPEG-TS | IP-Stream
Audio inputs analog | AES/EBU | SDI embedded | DVB-compliant MPEG-TS | IP-Stream
Sample Rate 22,05 kHz | 32 kHz | 44,1 kHz | 48 kHz
Video bit rate 48 kbps up to 15 Mbps
Audio bit rate 64 kbps up to 384 kbps
Video compression H.264/AVC | MPEG-2 | DV25 | DVCPro25
Audio compression AAC-Plus | MPEG-1 Layer 2/3 | WAV | RF64