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  • Media Recording | Infinity
    Media Recording | Infinity

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ininity interpretation2

The Infinity audio and video analysis module has been designed for the decoding of recorded audio and video material. The system features easy navigation within the recorded material (slide show, fast forward, random access), as well as extensive tools for encoding the data according to application-specific requirements (complying with SPSS).

For the analysis of the recorded web-radio streams or classic radio and television programs you can use our automatic spot recognition. By connecting it to advertising disposition systems it can be used to evaluate broadcasted commercial clips.

Infinity | Interpretation - Key Features

  • Seamless playback of coded audio and video data
  • Time shifted playback of files currently being recorded
  • Convenient and easy to use playback tools: play, fast forward, variable slide show, random access without time delay
  • Display (graphics and tables) of codes (with integrated pattern recognition module only)
  • Display of RDS data in relationship to audio data (with integrated RDS module only)
  • Export of encoded data to SPSS, CVS, HTML, EXCEL, ASCII
  • Print option
  • Visualization / editing of encoded sections
  • Targeted starting playback of encoded sections
  • Digital audio and video data export
  • Dual screen analysis mode (e. g. full screen on second display)
  • Export of video data with subtitles for DVD authoring (date, time, program station)