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  • Managed Service
    Managed Service


All inclusive


Why would you spend lots of money and effort in buying and managing server hardware, if you can simply rent it? With the HMS Managed Service you can rent a whole TV channel. But there is much more you can do. There are various applications the HMS Managed Service can be used for. In general, any back end of an HMS product may be provided as a service.




Using the HMS Managed Service, you save the initial cost for buying server hardware and save time for hardware delivery. Our systems are handed over fully configured and ready to use including all necessary software modules. The hardware is operated at HMS's data center, providing redundant Internet connections and uninterrupted power supply. You can order dedicated servers or virtual servers. High-performance tasks can be distributed to several servers.

The packages you order are upgradable and downgradable upon your needs. This gives you the flexibility to quickly adapt to changed requirements and you don't pay for unused services. Extended storage is just one mouse click away. Additional servers can be made available in no time. The HMS Managed Service includes all operational cost for server housing and any material or labor cost for maintenance, including recovery in case of hardware failure. It also includes periodic creation of system and data backups at no additional cost. You don't have to worry about hardware failure, lost Internet connection, power outages or anything else. That saves you substantial manpower for regular maintenance work.


Managed Services at a glance


Managed Service - Key Features

  • Very low initial cost
  • Ready to use in a few days
  • All HMS products available
  • Easy upgrade to new requirements
  • No operational cost
  • No manpower needed
  • Including all hardware maintenance
  • Dedicated and virtual servers available
  • Redundant high-speed internet connection
  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • Failover hardware
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Including Alert Management System



With the HMS Managed Service you get highperformance servers optimized to your needs. They run in a state of the art data center with redundant Internet connection and uninterrupted power supply.This allows a high resilience of the applications that run on the servers and isolates  you from common failure scenarios.

You have the flexibility to order any Internet bandwidth. We also provide a wide variety of reporting features about Internet usage to customers. The data center is supervised 24/7 and its servers are connected to HMS's Alert Management System with SNMP and Alert Emails. It is equipped with server hardware that is designed for 24/7 operation.If applicable, servers are running on virtual machines, which allows quick and convenient failover to backup hardware.

Database servers are integrated into an SQL server cluster for immediate  failover to a mirrored database, meeting highest demands on reliability and safety. In case of an outage of the master server, the backup database automatically and immediately takes over full functionality.