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    Local Ad Insertion | Splicer

ADFLOW - Increase advertising revenues

ADFLOW is a state of the art solution for inserting program contents (e.g. ads) into an AV signal (Ad insertion). Based on markers that signal an ad slot it can seamlessly splice content into an incoming stream (MPEG-TS, SDI). The new content can be selected based on various criteria, e.g. geographical region or air time.

This allows broadcasters and service providers to increase their advertising revenues by offering additional ad slots to local businesses. These contract partners can then directly address local viewers in specific regions with individual ads.

ADFLOW - Standards-compliant insertion

ADFLOW analyzes an incoming stream and recognizes cue messages that include splicing information. These messages signal the parts of the program that should be replaced by local ads. The insertion is based on SCTE-104/-35 or SCTE-30.

The messages also contain specific information to identify the ad slot which is then evaluated by an adserver. Based on configured campaign data the appropriate contents (video files) are then automatically selected to replace the original contents. All of these video files are already available in the correct format. When a video file is ingested it will automatically be transcoded based on pre-configured profiles.

ADFLOW - Seamless viewing experience

The new content will then be spliced into the MPEG-TS or SDI stream without additional encoding and played out instead of the original program content. By using the splicing mechanism the video quality of the original content is preserved.

When ADFLOW recognizes the end of a signalled ad slot it will seamlessly switch back to the original content. The viewing experience is not affected in any way. 

ADFLOW - Top Level Workflow

adflow workflow preview

ADFLOW - Key Features

  • Insertion of ads into an incoming stream (MPEG-TS, SDI)
  • SCTE-104/-35 and SCTE-30 standards-compliant
  • Suitable for TV broadcasters and service providers to increase advertising revenues
  • Directly address local viewers in specific regions with individual ads
  • Ad selection by an adserver, based on campaign data (e.g. geographical region or air time)
  • Automatic profile-based transcoding of replacement video files (ads)
  • GOP-accurate switching between original and ad content for a seamless viewing experience
  • Splicing mechanism preserves original video quality (re-encoding not needed)
  • Output of multiple versions of an original input feed (feeds with different inserted local ads)
  • Optional output of original feed (without inserted local ads)