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CAPTUREBOX - Multichannel ingest with full workflow control

capturebox screens

CAPTUREBOX is our new multichannel ingest solution for professional studio environments. It supports SD, HD and UHD signal input via IP or SDI and enables you to record multiple channels at the same time.

It essentially consists of two applications, the CAPTUREBOX client application for scheduling/control and the IngestServer that handles all the actual recording jobs.

CAPTUREBOX offers a customizable user interface that is easy to use and supports multiple languages. It enables you to control your complete ingest workflow and provides multiple recording modes. You can e.g. directly start a crash recording by pressing a single button or create scheduled recording jobs that will automatically be processed at a specific time in the future.


CAPTUREBOX - Multiple recording modes and extensive format support

CAPTUREBOX offers real-time IP-based previews for all configured channels and supports Edit-While-Ingest as well as Split-While-Ingest. During recordings you can easily add descriptive metadata to the files you are ingesting. In addition CAPTUREBOX can be controlled by external applications via Advanced Media Protocol (AMP) or REST interface.

It supports standard broadcast file formats and each channel can simultaneously be recorded in multiple file formats by using XML-based presets. To ensure consistently high performance CAPTUREBOX takes advantage of techniques like local file buffer and write-through mode. For quality assurance purposes it supports failover recordings and allows you to configure master and backup ingest.

CAPTUREBOX - Key Features

  • Multichannel client server solution
  • Frame-accurate crash, batch, schedule and loop mode
  • IP-based and baseband SD, HD and UHD signal input
  • IP-based multichannel preview
  • Single control application
  • Customizable multilingual user interface
  • Simultaneous multi-format recordings
  • Local file buffer and write-through mode
  • XML-based coding/recording presets
  • Third party control via Advanced Media Protocol (AMP)
  • Third party control via web service interface (REST)
  • Edit-While-Ingest support (MXF only)
  • Split-While-Ingest support
  • HDF01, HDF02 compliant recording
  • Failover recording