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  • Broadcast Automation | DiSA
    Broadcast Automation | DiSA

    Recording, Ingest, Transcoding

Completely digital


Enabling a completely digital workflow for the DiSA system, a powerful and versatile ingest module is inevitable. Our DiSA Ingest module is an integrated solution for:

  • Recording live events
  • Capturing broadcast streams
  • Digitizing clips from tape decks
  • Transcoding of imported video files

Variety of sources

It captures mixed HD and SD signals from analog, digital and IP sources. It encodes multiple formats and resolutions in parallel, which is essentially needed for tapeless workflows behind DTV. You can choose between several video formats, from MPEG2 to H.264 and much more. The different video formats can even be captured simultaneously from one input signal.

Additionally, the encoded video stream can be sent via UDP / TCP to get a live preview. For documentation purposes it is possible to insert date and time into the video. The system is designed for ingest of up to four streams of SD video or two streams of HD video on a single ingest server. Concurrent creation of high-resolution (master) and low-resolution (proxy) files reduces cost and encoding time, which makes the ingest server ideal for post-production, video-on-demand, playout and file archiving.

24/7 Legal Recording


You can control as many Ingest servers as you want, directly within the DiSA Scheduling interface or as a stand alone unit. The recorded video clips are registered in the DiSA database automatically, so you can use it immediately after the ingest job is done. Ingest jobs can be both time controlled (scheduled batch mode) and manually started.



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ingest screenshot

The appearance on social networks more than ever contributes to the success of a company. Necessary format conversions must increasingly be accomplished by automated transcoding processes. With the Inbox you give your wishes into our hands. You tell us, where, when and with which information your content will be aired. We perform format conversion, uploading processes and metadata transmission fully automated.

Integrated into our DiSA Broadcast Suite, the Inbox passes your content to the planning base and the archive system. With the automated proxy file generation the Inbox is the key component for a web-based and networked operation mode of the DiSA Broadcast Suite.




Flexible transcoding


DiSA Transcoder as part of the DiSA Broadcast Suite is designed to fit seamlessly into your workflow. Whether you need a mobile format for handheld devices, Flash for your online media library or H.264 based content for your Smart TV features, everything is done automatically.

The powerful and reliable coding engine allows you to concatenate files and optionally add channel brandings. Besides that you can create batch transcoding jobs on a single engine or with multiple engines sharing the jobs. The DiSA Transcoder operates based on profiles – either in watch folder mode or controlled by DiSA user applications. In combination with the Inbox it works fully automated in the background.


DiSA Ingest - Key Features

  • High resolution (master) and low resolution (proxy) encoding
  • Flexible encoding interface (HD | SD from live feeds, tape decks or files)
  • Multichannel encoding (up to 4x SDTV / 2x HDTV)
  • Multi-format encoding (H.264 | MPEG-2 | ...)
  • Simultaneous file encoding with different bit-rates and formats
  • Live preview stream (MPEG-TS over IP)
  • Tape deck control (RS232 | RS422)
  • File based import of standard video formats (Inbox)
  • Integrated batch transcoder with templated graphics
  • Automated upload to social networks and multimedia platforms incl. metadata export

DiSA Ingest - Workflow example