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  • Broadcast Automation | DiSA
    Broadcast Automation | DiSA

    Media Asset Management

DiSA Planning Tools

The DiSA Broadcast Suite can be controlled by a variety of HMS applications, interfaces and third party applications. All of these applications can simultaneously edit the schedule. This could be achieved by our Message Broadcaster service, which instantly publishes changes to all other applications.

Easy planning... Scheduler

scheduler transp

The most versatile of these applications is the DiSA Scheduler. With the DiSA Scheduler you handle all regular daily jobs for program planning. When registering new media assets, you can add different kinds of metadata like EPG information, mandatory channel graphics or accounting data. Various metadata like play length, sound level, aspect ratio is retrieved automatically from the file. The MAM allows the use of all this data for versatile applications. E.g. if the asset is booked into the rundown, metadata is used to

  • insert EPG data for DVB/ATSC broadcasting,
  • generate Teletext pages with the program details and
  • export the description together with an automatically transcoded version of the clip to your online media library or Smart TV portal.

If you only want to play certain parts of a file, you can also register specific trimmed sections. The trimming tool has been completely redesigned and now allows frame-accurate trimming very quickly and conveniently. For the addition of secondary events you have different options. They can be booked file-based, show-based, time-scheduled or manually (live). In all options you can define time offsets and fade effects. The graphics can be assigned to different layers with transparency effects. You can use static graphics, animated graphics or video files (picture-in-picture). Different combinations of graphical elements (each of them with individual time-offsets) can be saved as templates (layouts).

You can read more about our MAM Applications in our product information – Download it here.

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MAM - Key Features

  • Multichannel management
  • third party data import interface (XML API)
  • Automated asset import
  • Web feed import
  • Teletext and EPG data creation
  • Customer specific metadata import | export
  • Scheduled and manual ingest
  • Automated platform adapted file transcoding
  • Proxy file creation
  • Audio level measurement / adjustment
  • Automated multiplatform delivery (Smart TV, Web TV, TV guide, ...)
  • Backup features
  • Broadcast statistics
  • Instant file archiving
  • User rights management

Planning Base - Key Features

  • Multiuser application core
  • Real-time editable rundown
  • Templated program planning
  • Schedule designer
  • Automated fill up of broadcast gaps
  • Virtual asset features (wildcards)
  • Clip preview and trimming
  • Control of multiple channels with different playlists
  • Manual playout control (emergency mode)
  • Rundown reporting (As-run log)
  • Matrix switcher control
  • Creation of rotations and loops

Channel Graphics - Key Features

  • Real-time insertion of channel brandings (animated graphics, bugs, lower thirds, crawls...)
  • Templated graphics designer
  • Convenient layout designer with drag'n'drop
  • Real-time transitions
  • Real-time insertion of web feed data

Additional Modules

Live control modules

  • Red Button Player
  • Break Button Dashboard

Import modules

  • XML Gateway
  • MOS Gateway
  • Newsfeed Importer

Extension modules

  • Teletext Page Creator

General control modules

  • Matrix Switcher Control
  • Tape Control

Ingest | Transcoding

  • Transcoder
  • Crossmedia Uploader