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    Broadcast Automation | DiSA

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DiSA provides IT-based HD/SD playout combined with real-time channel branding as "Channel-in-the-Box" solution. With low acquisition and operating cost, our channel playout is ideal for highly automated, multichannel playout environments. DiSA has a high-performance graphics render engine playing all mainstream video standards in broadcast quality for both HD and SD.

The engine offers real-time overlay of graphics, crawls and animations without any additional hardware. By using our powerful digital video mixing renderer it is possible to add multiple real-time calculated transitions as well as external live video sources.


  • Live Feeds
  • 24/7
  • Loudness Normalization
  • Templated Graphics
  • DVB/ATSC Interface
  • Reliability
icon format-diversity

Besides common SDI or analog live feeds, DiSA can also handle various IP live sources. This way live links can be set up quickly, straightforward and cost-efficiently, which allows completely new program schemes.

icon 24-7

The playout server is designed for continuous operation in 24/7 or time slot mode. Program schedule updates are performed automatically in a transparent way without any interruptions. The play engine buffers all clips locally on hard disk to avoid broadcast interruptions in case of a network failure.

icon digital-dvb

DiSA always plays out with the correct volume. The output signal is normalized in real-time in accordance to EBU 128 resp. ITU BS1770-2. That not only saves time, but also cost.

icon multi-layer

The powerful render engine enables real-time insertion of lower thirds, crawls, graphics, clocks, animations and other interesting features like picture-in-picure or split screen. All layers can be scheduled independently to the main rundown.

icon sync

You can easily switch DiSA to DVB/ATSC mode. The internal MPEG-TS encoder provides a DVB or ATSC compliant stream as MPEG-2 or H.264 with integrated SI/PSI resp. PSIP information, also in parallel to the standard output (analog, SDI, ...). The outgoing single program transport stream (SPTS) can directly be plugged into any broadcast multiplexer.

icon network

DiSA has a robust broadcast architecture, redundant power supply, hot-swappable fans, watch dog functionality and mirrored local video storage. All main features can be monitored via SNMP.

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DiSA Playout Server - Key Features

Channel-in-the-Box technology

  • Multichannel playout
  • Seamless 24/7 playback
  • Dual HD | SD broadcast
  • Live-pass-through (HD-SDI | IP)
  • Real-time channel branding
  • Multichannel audio
  • Loudness normalization (EBU R128, ITU BS1770-2)
  • Multi file format support
  • Automated on-air rundown updates
  • Real-time news feed insertion
  • EAS interface
  • CC support (CEA-608 | -708)

MPEG-TS Encoder

  • MPEG-TS encoder (MPEG-2 | H.264/AVC)
  • DVB | ATSC compliant multiplexer
  • SI|PSI (DVB) | PSIP (ATSC) table insertion
  • EPG | Teletext | HbbTV® data insertion
  • Supported interfaces: ASI | RF | IP | SDI


  • SNMP monitoring
  • As-run log export
  • Emergency playlist
  • Failover features
  • Robust broadcast architecture
  • Alert signaling
  • Local data storage
  • GPIO support
  • Watchdog features

IP stream encoder

  • IP stream interface (RTMP, RTSP, TS over UDP/RTP)
  • Integrated H.264/AVC and AAC encoder


Additionally the Disa Playout Server is also available as an integrated system of playout, encoder and multiplexer. You can find further information here: PEM series.


Additional Modules

Our additional modules for more flexibility and power in your 'channel-in-the-box' system:

Input modules

  • SDI live pass through
  • IP stream live pass through

Extension modules

  • Web stream generator
  • SDI teletext generator
  • EAS gateway


DiSA Channel Playout - Workflow example

disa workflow playout preview