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be a step ahead

Frank Mistol Portrait

Being one step ahead means change, means flexibility, means communication. It is our motivation to master the technical progress as well as the associated challenges and to incorporate it into our products. We accomplish those fascinating tasks for and together with our customers. Our commitment is rewarded by you, which is shown by our steadily growing customer base. Over 16 years in project business have shaped and matured HMS. You are welcome to take advantage of our know-how. Find yourself in good company!


Why does HMS offer more value for its price?

Because you are never left alone with an HMS solution. We don't just provide reliable software and hardware. We are always at your side, giving our best that you can concentrate on your business. We think and work networked – dynamically and efficient. You are welcome to take advantage of our know-how. Find yourself in good company.

Why do HMS solutions suite to that many different kinds of customers?

Because we offer individual solutions that perfectly suit to the demands of every customer. Even our CEOs understand all the technical details from beginning to end. That makes it much easier to understand what our customers really need.

Why are HMS solutions of higher value and more sophisticated than others?

Because we think at the overall picture when solving your problems. HMS solutions are well thought-out to the smallest detail.

Our business areas

  • Broadcast automation solutions (DiSA)
  • Real-time broadcast solutions (DVB & IP streaming)
  • Network based POI | POS systems (Digital Signage) for media providers
  • Media recording solutions for radio and television broadcasters
  • Analysis of audio and video signals
  • Supply of content for CDN service providers
  • Scheduling and playout of linear and non-linear content for IPTV, Smart TV and OTT service providers
  • Solutions for producing and multiplexing DVB concurrent transport
  • Multiplexing of SI/PSI- (DVB) respectively PSIP- (ATSC) information (EPG, Teletext, HbbTV) into supplied transport streams via IP and ASI
  • Streams for broadcasting and feeding via DVB-S|C|T
  • Teletext solutions (analog and digital systems for generating teletext)

Our Know-how

  • Programming DirectShow filters
  • Programming micro controllers
  • Low level multimedia programming
  • Programming digital signal processors (DSP)
  • Synthesis and verifications of programmable circuits (FPGA, PLD)
  • Programming logical elements (VHDL)
  • Developement of hardware elements (USB, FireWire, standalone solutions)
  • Architecture specific assembling programming
  • Programming hardware drivers for Windows
  • Programming C, C++, C#, SQL, Perl, ASP.NET
  • Database programming (SQL, TSQL)
  • Conception and programming installation routines