Our Mission:

Develope the best Solution for Cloud based Media Automation & Eco Systems in Europe

What sounds like a goal for the future, is our reality and everyday approach. Because to provide the best cloud based services we must not only adapt to technological trends, we need to create and shape those actively. Only by constantly developing and pioneering modern solutions become sustainable.

Our core competence in detail

Media Cloud

Cloud environments demand a structure – we substitute complex IT systems with perfectly automated processes on the cloud. We conduct, control and take care of harmonic interaction.

  • Flexible combination of multiple services to an integrated system
  • Synergy of internal and external services
  • Automatic combination of complex IT service workflows
  • Substitution of existing processes by an optimal connected orchestration system

Managed Cloud Services

By flexibly shifting resources to the cloud we open up new possibilities for companies and create adde values. We combine the best out of two worlds.

  • Integration of external services into an existing environment
  • New possibilities and additional value by relieving existing IT resources
  • Transition of small sized and secondary IT structures to Managed Cloud Services
  • Solution without a data center

Cluster Computing

With creativity and highly established systems we enhance nearly every aspect of processing data – for much faster processes, efficient use of resources and decreasing costs.

  • Cloud-Integration as a Service
  • Development and configuration of clusters
  • Increasing data availability, processing speed and storage capacities
  • Resource optimization & decreasing costs

Cloud agnostic integration

We consult companies at implementing cloud agnostic strategies, optimize hybrid work environments and integrate different services from a variety of sources.

  • Unique combination of on-prem, public and private cloud services
  • Optimizing hybrid cloud strategies
  • Integration of different cloud services
  • Flexible scalability for enterprise computing

Cloud Infrastructure

We transfer on-premise data centers into cloud like structures, manage those resources even more efficiently and are able to scale on demand. Furthermore we provide all hard and software components.

  • Infrastructur as a service with individual adaption to clients' prerequisites
  • Transition of on-premise data centers into cloud like infrastructure
  • Efficient management of existing cloud infrastructure
  • Flexible scalability for enterprise computing
  • Hard- and software components, such as server, storage, network and virtualization software

The secret of our success:
A short look at the facts

Experience & Know How

While technology is changing at high speed and old concepts are being replaced by new solutions – experience is irreplaceable. Gathered knowledge at dealing with unpredictable changes defines the level of composure, focus and flexibility for solving current challenges.

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years experience

End-to-End Solutions

The uniqueness of HMS lies within a seamless combination of different services. Sales, support, setup and development are closely interlinked and perfectly match our products’ end to end philosophy.

Installation & Set-Up
Service & Support
Concepts & Sales

connected & established

We have been pushing the European market for Integrated Media Automation Solutions for more than 20 year to its limits and beyond – with perfectly aimed innovations, an unique one-stop-service, cloud based system solutions and precise answers to all strategic business decisions related to technology.

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Clients worldwide

creates Sustainability

All of our solutions are oriented along concrete tasks – of single companies or entire industry sectors. The more detailed, individually and efficiently we are able to meet our clients’ requirements, the more happy they will be. And that is how we define our success – happy clients.

Long-term customers

Short glance into recent
milestone projects

What we are working on right now &
and for whom

IP based Multi-Platform News and Media Center: The very first project in the MENA region in wich the media infrastructure is entirely based on IP technology

  • Solutions: Infinity Compliance Recording / Infinity Browser
  • Time Frame: 2018 – current
  • Partner: Qvest Media

A new Persian language television channel: HMS providing a fully redundant HD playout automation DiSA, including scheduling modules.

  • Solutions: Infinity Compliance Recording / Broadcast Automation DiSA
  • Time Frame: 2018 – current
  • Partner: Qvest Media

New Studio Automation, New Editorial Workflows: Within a TV-as-a-Service product and management package HMS provides the playout automation for more than 20 TV and loop channels.

  • Solutions: Broadcast-Automation DiSA
  • Time Frame: 2018
  • Partner: akamai

Message from
Teamleader HMS

„Happy clients are great, amazed clients are even better! It does not matter, whether we improve a certain detail, simplify an entire solution or integrate a brand new solution – we are always moving forward. We are constantly testing boundaries, thinking outside the box and setting new standards.“

Frank Mistol, Managing Director at HMS